Nothing is more satisfying than being comfortable in your own skin.  Being comfortable in your daily environment surely helps! The place where you spend the majority of your time has a direct impact on your ability to function, your productivity and certainly your creativity.  Here are some tips to get you well on your way to constructing a more creative work space.

Designate an Area – You may have a lot of space or you may not have much at all, but the first step in making a creative space for yourself is to designate an area, big or small. Add some sort of divider if needed so it really becomes a different place on the other side.  You are much more likely to create things if you have a space with all your stuff ready to roll!
Collect Inspiration – Gather all the things that make you smile, laugh, cry, think, aspire.  Stir emotion from within and disperse it out on your canvas, computer, notepad, whatever.  Make these things a part of your creative space.  Stimulate all the senses.  Touch, taste, sound, smell, sight.  Rather it be art, music, aromatherapy, herbal tea or a furry cat on your desk, surround yourself with beautiful things and you will make beautiful things.
De-clutter and Delete Distractions – Take the phone off the hook and take out the garbage.  Lock yourself in a room if you have to in order to push through that creative block. Limit your time surfing the web, plan your extracurricular actives mindfully.  There are many things that clutter up your time and your work space.  Eliminate them. Spend the time you need to spread out your ideas and piece them all together.  Creating a push pin board or paint a piece of wall with magnetic paint and use magnets to hang things.  Whatever you choose, find a method that keeps your time schedule and workspace in check and encourages you to create, create and create some more!
Keep Things Within Reach – Make sure that your tools are handy so that you don’t have to scramble for them.  A good creative flow works best when you are actually able to flow.  You don’t want an idea to slip by you because you can not find your glue gun!  If you don’t like things out in the open and like your space to have a more clean look, then have cabinets that hide your most used items just on the other side.
Welcome the Light – Have fun with light.  You will always need a nice, bright work light so you can see well when you are creating things, but you can also do a lot with lighting.  Hang some funky string lights, get a cool lamp, or add lighting underneath your desk.  You can even change your lighting sources to reflect your mood and groove that day. Some people like to be by a window, but if your space does not allow for that, be creative with lighting in a way that best suits you.