Humans are the expensive part of production. It’s why we switched to China, but what if we can bring manufacturing back into the hands of individuals just like you or me without the stretched-out global supply chains connected to a web of distant giant factories? Well, do ifs anymore. The time is here, now.  We have the technology and advanced manufacturing tools available to us to develop, build, prototype, invent right at home or at a “MAKERSPACE”  that houses all the equipment so that its members have access.

NAE is proud to be a Business Consultant to the New Orleans Makerspace – IDIYA. So many exciting things to come from this business relationship and venture.

IDIYA will be opening in March 2015 at 2705 S Broad St New Orleans, LA 70125. Stay connected with updates on news and events here: IDIYA – NEW ORLEANS • MAKERSPACE