NAE’s Areas of Expertise

Different minds for different projects just works. That is why NAE is formed of network of minds whose expertise is top notch in their specialized field. We allow for each member of the team to operate, brainstorm and create in an environment that is most comfortable and productive for them. Walls can be very limiting and we refuse to limit ourselves. Collaboratively, we work together to deliver our clients results that make a difference.  We know what is takes to get the job done. On the ground, through the airwaves, over the internet, within sight; We use methods to insure your message reaches the right people.

NAE’s Other Services

Here below you will find the services that will add that “finishing touch”. Sometimes it is the little things that make the BIG difference. Although, we don’t consider these things to be of little importance, by all means. It could be the very thing that makes all the difference for your business.

Our well-writing copy motivates your target market to take action. NAE illustrates this copy throughout your brand’s marketing material while keeping your message consistent, clear and concise. Each project is researched, specific to your business and industry.

      • Business Taglines
      • Advertisement Copy
      • Brand Name Generation
      • Product Label Copy
      • News/Press Releases
      • Memorandum Copy
      • Website Copy
      • Sales Correspondence
 Your dollars are hard earned! That is what makes your database the most important piece of the marketing puzzle.  It is what connects everything together, automatically outlining your marketing plan. Through our Consulting Services, NAE derives a formula that enables us to structure and custom design your internal database to collect data concerning the most valued parts of your business. This organizes marketing/sales results and makes them available for analysis and constructing footprints that direct your business marketing strategy.
Business marketing tasks are much easier with NAE’s online integration services. Our methods enable you to post fresh content on your website, blog and social media sites right from your mobile phone through a single process, thus saving you time. Our Online Integration techniques allow you to post, edit posts, add/subtract to and from posts, right from your mobile device. This way you can personally participate in public relations and advertising campaigns. Connecting and communicating with your future and existing customers has never been so convenient.

  • GET MOBILE – We can help you set up mobile marketing. All you need is a smart phone and one of our smart techs to get you started
  • GET TRAINED – We train administrators to help you self-manage your email marketing campaigns, database and more!
The best way to get to know your customers is to keep up with their needs, interests and buying habits. NAE Customer Tracking services organizes your current customers as well as your new leads. By combining customer tracking and database customization methods, NAE is able to target specific audiences and deliver data that they are interested in receiving. This narrows your target market, making advertising more focused, less expensive and more effective.

Our system is engineered and designed based on the following:

  • To be in coordination with all Data Collection and Anti-Spam Laws
  • To increase Email open rates
  • To provide better Email Marketing results
  • Narrow your margin of error in prospect selection and lead generation processes
  • To find, attract and win new clients
  • To nurture and retain existing clients
  • To entice former customers to return
  • Decrease Business Services and Advertising costs
  • Build customer relationships (more personal)
  • Increase sales
NAE offers additional Internet Marketing services tailored to your needs and budget. We research your target marketplace and strategically place web advertisements in areas most effective. In addition, NAE creates a satellite marketing stations on the Internet which ultimately lead to more traffic to your main website. More traffic, more sales.

  • Online ADS – NAE will work within your budget. Don’t worry. You don’t always have to spend a bundle to get some good results.
  • Satellite Sites – Our astronauts can help with this one. No. Just kidding. This service adds one or more websites that drive traffic back to your main website.

Why Choose Us

  • We love what we do. Rather it an idea, a logo, a campaign or simply a solution, creating is what we do best.
  • We are reliable. Slacking is not an option. We work hard to deliver fast without compromising quality.
  • We are affordable. Flexibility to adapt to your business needs. No job too big or small.
  • We have experience. An understanding of business marketing and how it plays into the creative process.
  • We are cool. We are. You will see.

What Client’s Say

I wanted a logo for my business and went to NAE for help.  I must have mentioned many different things I wanted the logo to represent.  My Consultant Jenae was able to assist me in simplifying my ideas.  The result want a brand that I always wanted, but more!
Wendi, Bee Well Massage Therapy
When looking for a firm to conceptualize logos for different segments of our film production company, we were glad we found NAE Marketing & Design Solutions. Our Consultant narrowed our creative direction and the Designer really encompassed our vision for the image we wanted to project.  The process was organized and flowed smoothly.  We have alway began new projects with NAE!
Leduc-Armand, Sketchy Characters
Thank you so much for all the consulting services provided during the start-up process.  We could have not done the Business Plan and put together such a creative Marketing Strategy without your help.  Looking forward to working with you for years to come!