The New Industrial Revolution

Humans are the expensive part of production. It’s why we switched to China, but what if we can bring manufacturing back into the hands of individuals just like you or me without the stretched-out global supply chains connected to a web of distant giant factories? Well, do ifs anymore. The time is here, now.  We have the [...]

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Your Creative Space

Nothing is more satisfying than being comfortable in your own skin.  Being comfortable in your daily environment surely helps! The place where you spend the majority of your time has a direct impact on your ability to function, your productivity and certainly your creativity.  Here are some tips to get you well on your way [...]

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Don’t Give Up On Helping Your Client

All designers with a marketing heart know that when it comes to explaining to their client why you designed the piece the way you did was not because you happen to like purple stars or that you went into a trance and drew up whatever you saw in your dreams last night.  No, you actually [...]

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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone in your life can be a rewarding challenge.  Rather you struggle with this personally or with your business, stepping into new territory involves risk. It is the reward that drives us, it is the risk that holds us back.  How can we determine what actually makes us uncomfortable and [...]

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The World can be tough, so can business. Keeping control over what you learn, the habits you form, and the actions you take is key to maintaining focus and achieving your goals rather they are personal or business.  Here's how . . . Get your MIND right - Be positive. See the possibilities before you and decide what [...]

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Finding The ONE Thing That Makes You Great

There are many entrepreneurs that have very good ideas, but can too many ideas bog you down and make you unsuccessful at all of them?  Here is an article that speaks to entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their ideas. Click HERE for full article

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How To Get The RIGHT Feedback From Your Clients

Time and time again as designers no matter how much instruction we give our clients, it just isn't enough.  First drafts and comps with design concepts are repeatedly mistaken by clients as the fully developed design.  How can we as designers help our clients understand that our first drafts are just that... DRAFTS?  Getting the [...]

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Finding Your Niche

How taking risks leads to finding your niche and how there is never a better time than NOW to fulfill your personal journey. Click here for FULL article

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The 10 Pillars Of A Successful Personal Brand

There are so many ways to brand your business no matter what platform you choose.  Check out this this article that outlines the basics of building a successful brand. Click here for FULL article

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Follow Your Dreams?

Great self-improvement article written by Ali Luke. Know yourself, following your dreams, what is your passion, and what you can accomplish realistically... Click here for full article

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